You walk in to an aquarium (pet store) and see an absolutely beautiful but shy fish hiding behind filters or the water flow. Long, beautiful or maybe flowery and fan like fins in an array of perfectly blended colours. You decide to take this beauty home and put it in a tank only to realise a few hours later that you have a feisty new friend who looks too stunning for that to make sense. Yes?

This, is the captivating and immensely beautiful Betta Fish a.k.a Siamese Fighting Fish. Yes, I know many other fish can be described this way but you came here for Bettas right?

Betta Splendins, Betta fish or Siamese Fighting fish belong to a category of fish called Anabantoids.

Apart from their striking good looks and rough personalities, what makes them special is that they have a lung-like labyrinth which allows them to come up from the water and breathe in air from the atmosphere, just like you and I do!

Excellent examples of this type of fish are the Betta (Siamese Fighter) and Dwarf Gourami fish.

There are 73 recognised species under the Betta genus and they originate from Thailand where wild species may be found in ponds, rivers, rice paddies and drains.

I would say Bettas are omnivores and to my knowledge in their natural habitats not many have a wide choice of foods. They will eat a wide range of organisms from veggies, to little fish, worms and brine shrimp.

In this blog I will share all my knowledge of Bettas and if you wish to add something to the blog (if I find it to be of benefit for readers) in exchange for a credit mention only, please pop me an e-mail and lets see what we can do! Like any other person wanting to grow in the hobby of being an aquarist, I too learn everyday soooo if you find something out of order, please pop me an email and straighten out my record! 😀

Any tips or advice I offer here are by no means the only way to do things and should be understood to be just my personal advice. I look forward to an awesome journey with you and hope that you enjoy this blog.

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Tiny Bubbles!

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