How to Feed Betta Fish

Most siamese fighters will accept a wide range of pellet or flake food, whilst the wild ones will still need to be groomed into it. Feeding them 2-3 times a day will leave them happy and healthy.

In my experience I have fed pellets, flakes, frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms, tetra bits and even peas. They go nuts for peas!

The general idea here is to feed a variety of foods ensuring a healthier, happier, more responsive betta. A great example is yourself. Could you happily eat the exact same meal everyday, for the next few years? I highly doubt it.

How to feed peas to Betta Fish:

I feed them peas just to clean out their digestive system once every 2-3 weeks. First I get out a few frozen ones from the freezer. Whilst they are still frozen and hard (you can wait for it to thaw out if you prefer) I press the pea between my fingers to pop the “ skin” open and get the insides out.

Once the insides have been taken out, I press that again in between my fingers. Don’t press to make it mushy though because it could make your water milky. Press it enough for it to be a little chunky. It’s a pea! So use your discretion when carrying out what I am suggesting!

Whatever sticks to my fingers is what I feed (you will know how much your betta can eat) and just twirl that in the water.

Now, the first time you try this the Betta might not take it. But leave it there in it’s tank and eventually curiosity will get the better of it! If it is not eaten by the next morning, take it out and try another day.

When your betta does take to it (should be the same day or next) and you feed peas again, it will got absolutely nuts over it. Probably even lap it up before the pressed peas even touch the ground.

How to feed Betta Fish for Breeding

This part of the feeding I change to live brine shrimp, frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms for the roughage. I add a little salt (about 1 tsp mixed into their water – tank is a 30L) it just helps chill them out. Its like a Sunday cocktail for them…just chill bruuuu!

How to Feed Betta Fry

So you have experimented with breeding and now have some little tails wriggling in the tank?

Here’s what to do…

For the first 2 days, the fry will eat off their yolk sak so no need to put food in and contaminate the tank 2 days earlier. At day 3 some people swear by infusoria, some by white worms and some that try different things on their own. I go by white worms and specifically banana worms. No reason for banana worms…it’s just what I have! They will be fed this as often as I can and in small amounts for the next 2 – 2.5 weeks.

At the end of this period I will introduce newly hatched brine shrimp. When I say newly hatched I mean hatched in like the last 24hours. I Will keep them on this for another 2 weeks or so and once in a while I will add in very finely crushed flake powder….just a tiny bit. There might also be a bit of banana worms in there depending on their growth as different spawns grow at different paces. Towards the end of week 4 in this phase I slowly add decapsulated brine shrimp eggs. These are said to have a higher nutritional value than newly hatched brine shrimp(You can still use this) but I don’t have the tools and knowledge to verify that.

The reason given for this is that the eggs are de-shelled near their hatching stages and therefore require less energy to break open. This means lower used energy= higher nutritional value. You also get decapsulate brine shrimp eggs that do not hatch. These are just decapsulated in a away that does not allow for hatching but the nutritional value is said to be just as good.

From here on out continue feeding the higher quality foods and based on their growth, start adding adult brine shrimp for dinner. These adult brine shrimp will need to be live so unless you know how to grow them out successfully, buying them alive is a good option. Remember, don’t feed more that these little ones can gulp up in about 2-3 minutes so to avoid fouling the water.

You can find more info on the fry tank water conditions and care, here (link on how to care for fry will be added soon.)

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