General Care



General Care

The first general misconception that people have is that a Betta/Siamese Fighter will do well and thrive in a fish bowl. Some people even claim to put them in containers as small as your average glass. Sadly, when visiting many pet stores (not all) Bettas can be found in little plastic containers with no more than a few holes in the lid. They will be stacked upon each other and placed on some flimsy shelf, being sold at fantastically high prices! Lastly, the water in those containers are terrible. It looks like the water had not been changed in weeks!

At worst I would say if you have a Betta in a 5l jar, the water should be changed almost every day.

This is purely because you have not provided any form of filtration so any excretion left during the course of the day just fogs up the water. Apart from this, it is extremely unsafe and lethal for the fish. To give you an idea of why this is so bad, think what would happen to you if you were to experience hot and cold weather on a continuous basis for a lengthy period of time? You are likely to get sick right? In the same way, if your Betta continuously experiences clean and dirty water, it will get sick!

So from my side, a fish bowl for a Betta is a no no unless you are prepared to put in the work.

Another thing to consider in this as well is that when doing the water changes in the bowl, you would need to ensure that the temperature of the new water is the same. So again, from my side, fish bowls are a no go. Rather get yourself a small 30L tank and put a sponge filter to it as Bettas/Siamese Fighters are not big fans of strong water flow.

Water Conditions

A pH range of 7.0-7.4 is ok in my opinion.

Temperature of 24 – 27 degrees Celsius.

Sponge filter for a gentle yet effective flow.

Water change I would say if you can do 10% a day that would be awesome.


  1. Sune


    I live in Benoni – where can I buy beautiful Siamese fighters?
    Mine just died and I would love to replace him…

    Thank you

    1. Manager

      Hi There,
      When I could not import my own, I used to by from Jungle Aquatics up in Fourways. Give them a shout. They’re a bit pricey but they usually bring in some nice looking ones.
      All the Best.

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